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Designer of OCTO & ANTE

Jylee Halsted is a fourth year Industrial Design student at the University of Alberta.

Over the years he has traveled to many countries and taken thousands of photos with one of his photos being featured in a CBC News article. He follows technology and design and wants to pursue a career in interior design. Jylee is a second-degree black belt in TaeKwonDo and has won several medals and awards in archery across the country. Throughout junior high and high school, he has been engaged with band, playing the clarinet and alto saxophone for jazz band, as well as technical theatre designing the lights for his high school’s productions and one-acts and helping with set design. Jylee is excited to be a student in the Industrial Design program at the University of Alberta and hopes to pursue his goals.

Story of OCTO & ANTE

The product Octo & Ante originated from a first-year design project that was intended to create a tileable pattern by placing it in any orientation. One section of the tile looks like an octopus and looking further at the tile, the other part also looks like an anteater and a butterfly. Hence the creation of Octo & Ante. Octo & Ante started as a tile-based activity that allows people to create limitless patterns either side by side or rotated. It can be coloured to create a unique design or can be left black and white. The product line includes activity packages to create endless patterns. Stickers, greeting cards, bookmarks, and pictures let people do whatever they desire with the versatile design. Extended products now include mini cards with easel, magnets, keychains, Minky Octo and cushion, tote bags, and t-shirts. 

Octo Ante and Butte fb 1.png
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